Eyes On Me – Final Fantasy VIII, Classical & Acoustic 有 “ 53 則迴響 ”

  1. Steven… 你好, 我真的好喜欢这一首歌 (EYES ON ME),让我勾起好多好多美好的回忆, 应为使远距离的爱情,我们必须把爱情写上了结局。希望,我真的好希望你能够发给我这一首歌的Fingerstyles Arrangement, 你的吉他版本。。 感激不尽…. 只是个人练习,绝不外传。。 谢谢!!!

  2. 罗老师,我是你的粉丝,很喜欢你的弹得EYES ON ME,就是能否传一份指弹谱让我练习一下,绝不外传431139364@qq.com

  3. 在youtube上看到了您弹奏这首歌的视频,觉得太美了,但可惜的是在您的网站上也没能找到谱子,如果方便的话可以分享给我吗?谢谢您!hermeow@hotmail.com

  4. 구독자 중 1명입니다. 귀하의 연주를 항상 즐겁게 감상하고 있습니다. " Eyes on Me " 악보를 구할 수 있을까요?^^

    Thank You!

  5. Hi, I’m a big fan of the FF-series and love to play their music as well. The version I play of Eyes on Me is fairly good but I must say that you version captures the atmosphere even better and as everyone else who has written on this thread I would love to learn it if you can provide me with the sheet music. Thank you in advance.
    my email: artturi.petaja@gmail.com
    Sincerely Artturi Petaja

  6. Hey! Your version of this song in classical guitar is very beautiful, I´ve heard it several times, Could you share the sheet music? it would be great to be able to play it by myself.
    my email alexamorate@gmail.com
    In any case, thank you 😀

  7. Hi Steven Law. Nice arrangement for Final fantasy VII classical version and the Secret Garden ( Norturne ) . Appreciate very much if you could kindly share the music sheets for these two songs. Thanks a lot and All the best .



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