羅翔 Steven Law

中國著名吉他演奏家及教育家, 2013年獲邀代表香港參與國際指彈吉他藝術節(IFSGF),成為全球僅13名獲邀演奏家之一。曾多次受TVB等電視台專訪,並經常應邀舉辦演奏會及大師班和出任音樂比賽評判。 2015年起受香港柏斯集團邀請作為德國lakewood吉他大中華區代言人。2018年起任聖三一音樂考試香港區大使。



Since he burst onto Hong Kong’s guitar scene in 2008, Steven Law has cemented his reputation as one of the best-known guitarists in East Asia. His playing and arranging bring the rigour of classical training to modern acoustic fingerStyle guitar. Steven gives concerts and masterclasses, judges competitions, represents Lakewood Guitars, Trinity Examinations and other music products, and has made numerous TV appearances.

Steven’s presence in the guitar community is marked by his generosity. Unusually for Hong Kong, he makes all his scores and video lessons freely available to help learners. As a result, he has over 300,000 social media subscribers, placing his YouTube and Facebook channels at the head of the Hong Kong solo instrument category. Steven has also helped several up-and-coming guitarists to get their first big gigs. His students have won numerous competition prizes and some (such as Loka and Taksum) have gone on to become well-known guitar performers and teachers themselves.

Steven’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for collecting the best tools and techniques in the world lend themselves to guitar repair and maintenance as well. As a result, these days his studio is also making a name for itself as the place to get your high-end guitar set up or repaired.


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