羅翔 Steven Law

中國著名吉他演奏家及教育家,倫敦聖三一音樂學院(LTCL)演奏級文憑。 2013年獲邀代表香港參與國際指彈吉他藝術節(IFSGF),成為全球僅13名獲邀演奏家之一。曾多次受TVB等電視台專訪,並經常應邀舉辦演奏會及大師班和出任音樂比賽評判。 2015年起受香港柏斯集團邀請作為德國lakewood吉他大中華區代言人。


其學生於校際音樂節中奪獎無數,英國皇家音樂學院(ABRSM)考試成績100% Merit以上,至今已培訓出多位專業吉他導師。

When award-winning guitarist Steven Law represented Hong Kong as one of the only thirteen people invited to join the 2013 International Finger-Style Guitar Festival, the opportunity opened to make a career as a touring concert performer. Instead, however, he has decided to limit his performing schedule to focus on education and arrangement. In his Hong Kong studio Steven teaches playing technique, and uses his collection of fine guitars and tools to help people understand the deep connection between the guitar’s structure and its musical sound. He’s also a member of a new breed of musical star who connect with fans directly through the Internet. His hundreds of guitar videos often feature tunes from modern pop songs and anime, and have been freely shared millions of times by grateful fans all over the world. “You’re such a generous guy to not just show your skills, but to also share your talent, transcriptions and lessons!” is a typical comment. Why bring his classical talents to this very un-classical repertoire? “I enjoy arranging tunes which no one has played on guitar before and making them available to the guitar world. I want to make it easier for beginners to get into guitar and that’s the music they hear and they want to play” says Steven.


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