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Unit 9, 17/F , Westin Centre
26 Hung To Road
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong, China



CONTACT 有 “ 14 則迴響 ”

  1. Steven你好, 我常常看你的影片還有教學, 獲益良多, 真的很感謝!
    然後很冒昧請問你, 能不能編 建築學概論OST的 等待(기다림)?
    我試著自己扒譜, 但是總覺得聽起來很奇怪, 所以希望你能抽空編一下!
    下面的連結是youtube上的影片給你做參考… 🙂

  2. Hi Steven!
    I love your fingerstyle. Plus your tabs are easy to understand. Is there any chance of you to tab “I am Setsuna OST – Winter journey’s tale". I really want to play this on my guitar.

    Thank you very much 🙂

  3. 你好 Steven!
    首先,很高兴认识你。 你的中文名字与我一模一样的, 我感到很很不可思议。
    我正在学习弹吉他,谢谢你所分享的一切,thank you my bro

  4. 好佩服你咁多首歌都有埋TAB譜 仲要彈得咁好聽
    我依家好一首歌 因為好代表到我嘅心情 希望老師你可以出條片教下我

  5. Hello,

    I got into your tabs about 2 years ago, I knew nothing about playing the guitar I already had been playing the cello for 14 years so I had a basis of string. now I can play almost all of your tabs, and I play a few almost every day just to work on musicianship and character with the guitar. I’ve played in numerous pits for musicals on the guitar and love every moment of doing it. You were one of my inspirations to start playing and each time a tab is released, I remember that you still are.

    Cutting to the chase here. nothing would make me more happy than to see you tab Ken Ashcorp’s “wear"
    your choice obviously. but none the less, i’d be extremely greatful.



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